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Queer Clash Diary

@ The Yard Theatre 2021

As we emerge from Covid restrictions it feels vital to give queer creatives and organisers an opportunity to come together, commiserate on the last 18 months but also to celebrate the successes and ask; Where are we now? Bringing together Queer practitioners at the Yard Theatre

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Queer Clash Diary

@ Hackney Showrooms 2018


Hosted by The Raze Collective and And What? Queer Arts Festival, Queer Clash Diary aims to strengthen links within the queer arts scene, developing new partnerships and ways of working.

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Research Project 


In 2021 the Queer Arts Consortium supported an Arts Council England - funded report on the impact of COVID-19 on queer creatives in London. Authored by Professor Mark McCormack and Professor Fiona Measham. 'Building a Sustainable Queer Nightlife' documents the economic, cultural and health impacts of COVID-19, lockdowns and social restrictions, and considers a range of cultural and policy interventions that could make queer nightlife sustainable in London. 


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