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The current COVID-19 situation is having devastating consequences for the livelihood of many of our Collective members. It is having a huge impact on the many fantastic people we work with, and will of course affect every aspect of our industry.


Our first priority is to look after our team of freelancers and artists; to support them in these testing times.

Raze Collective is a registered charity, if you in a position to be able to help support vulnerable people in our community please consider donating to our emergency fund using the donate button below.

Read our Covid Statement here.

Other ways to support Raze...

Order this lush new T-Shirt!

London based illustrator Nina Carter and Charlotte Allen, an Amsterdam-based designer have created a fab new T-shirt celebrating the long-awaited re-opening of nightlife venues and the cautious closing of the Covid-19 chapter consisting of new energetic hobbies like running. The t-shirt is an effort to support some of the businesses and individuals that have been unable to open for over a year.


The design, which features the expression, ‘I’m bored of running, get me to a club’, was designed to embody movement, energy and togetherness inspired by forms of the human body!


It is available to pre-order here!


 25% of the profits will be donated to Raze Collective, and 25% to Garage Noord, an independent club based in Amsterdam.

We love it! Thanks Nina & Charlotte!

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