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Raze Collective is a registered charity originally set up to support queer performance in the UK in the wake of significant venue closures and has evolved over the years. Our small team of freelancers continue to work hard to create opportunities for queer performers and performance to flourish.
Our work is only made possible through funding and donations which help us to cover our basic running costs as well as providing direct support, training and opportunities to queer artists and performers throughout the UK. Alongside which, we are dedicated to providing affordable tickets to all our events, helping to ensure access to these spaces for as many in our community as possible.

If you would like to support our work and our community you can make either a one-off gift or monthly donation. Any amount is gratefully received.
If you are interested in becoming a Key Sponsor or would like to donate some in-kind support please drop us an email at:

Big queer thanks!

Raze Collective x 


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