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About Us

Raze Collective is a charity dedicated to nurturing and developing innovative queer performance in the UK.
We create cultural opportunities for LGBTQIA+ artists, audiences and the wider public. We value the diversity of the queer cultural scene and work with artists, producers and organisations who share our values and ethos.

Raze was formed by grassroots performers, producers & audience members in the face of the closure of LGBTQIA+ venues. We're called Raze as the organisation was established in response to those queer spaces being razed.
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 Artist Development 

We run regular artist development and commissioning programmes championing LGBTQIA+ performance makers working across disciplines to create dynamic new work!

 Performance Platforms 

We host digital screenings, events and performances at venues and festivals across London and beyond. Collaborating with partners including Stanley Arts, London Philharmonia, The Glory, The Yard Theatre and many more!

 Sector Support 

We manage the Queer Arts Consortium, a group of  organisations working collaboratively to strengthen the queer cultural sector. We also host Queer Clash Diary, an annual get together for artists, producers & community groups to share projects, plans and ideas that shape the future of queer culture.


Raze Collective is a queer artist-led organisation. Our team works within the queer community to support queer artists.

 Creative Team 


Seyi Osibamowo (she/they)
Creative Producer

Gayathiri Kamalakanthan Mid Shot by Mike Boffey 2.jpg

Fraser Buchanan (he/they)
Creative Producer

& Dance artist

Gayathiri Kamalakanthan (they/them)
Access Coordinator

& Poet

Lucy Hayhoe.jpg

Lucy Hayhoe (she/her)

& Live Artist

Flynn Klein.jpg

Flynn Klein (he/they)

Communications Assistant



 Artist Steering Group 

Our Artist steering group reviews and advises on our programme, future plans and community outreach

cassie leon.jpeg

Cassie Leon (she/her)


Frankie Thompson (she/her)

Mr Wesley Dykes- Pic by Bruce Wang.jpeg

Ade Bajomo (they/them)


Pierre (they/them)

 Board of Trustees 

Lynsey Bonnell (Co-Chair): Workshop facilitator, writer, producer / performer

Pembe Tokluhan: ​Technical Production Manager & Founder of Petok Productions


Steve Hignell (Co-Chair): An expert in cultural strategy, policy & impact analysis

Emily Drake: Associate Creative Director Rankin Creative

Florent Trioux:
Freelance Producer


Almiro Andrade: University Lecturer, educationist, actor, director, dramaturg & theatre translator (this is a live list, growing as my practice continues expanding)


Alice Holland: Creative Producer & Festival Programmer


  Accessibility Statement - October 2023 

We are working towards disability justiceas coined by Sins Invalid. Disability justice is a social justice framework that recognises the intersecting impacts of white supremacy, colonial capitalism and ableism in understanding how people's bodies and minds are labeled 'unproductive', 'disposable' and/or 'invalid'. 


We align ourselves with Scope’s ethos that follows the social model of disability:
The social model says people are disabled by society, not by their impairments or conditions. 


We have a broad understanding of what disability means. This includes physical and mental health conditions, neurodivergence and chronic illness. We appreciate that not all individuals who fit into one or more of those categories will describe themselves as disabled, and will follow their lead on the correct term to use.


We offer to build access riders with artists we work with as we understand these are a key tool for people to communicate their access needs effectively. We listen to our audience’s requirements and aim to be specific about what access needs can be met at a given time. We will be as detailed as possible about the access provisions that will be present at our events. We have an Access Coordinator within our team and we work with specialist access consultants throughout our projects.


We are still learning, unlearning and implementing ways to be as accessible as possible. We will always welcome feedback. Feel free to email



* SOURCE SITE Sins Invalid

 Funders and sponsors 

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A group of nine people stand on a stage accepting applause. They are all smiling and appear happy, with arms raised. Some are in drag, some are wearing black. A short white woman holds a violin.They are flanked by a piano and drum kit. White roses are scattered on the stage in front of then, and a small speaker faces them on the ground.
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