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About Us


Raze Collective is a charity dedicated to nurturing and developing innovative queer performance in the UK.


We create cultural opportunities for LGBTQIA+ artists, audiences and the wider public. We value the diversity of the queer cultural scene and work with artists, producers and organisations who share our values and ethos.

Raze was formed by grassroots performers, producers & audience members in the face of the closure of LGBTQIA+ venues. We're called Raze as as the organisation was established in response to those queer spaces being razed.

Afrooankali 1 Credit _razecollective.jpg
A black man sings intensely into a microphone. He has shoulder length bcal and blond braids. He is of muscular build. He is wearing a tight shirt, black braces and a gold bangle with a yellow paper wristband. The whole image is basked in a reddish, orange light.
A queer performer is on stage as a man with piano accompanies them and the large audience watches intently.
A group of nine people stand on a stage accepting applause. They are all smiling and appear happy, with arms raised. Some are in drag, some are wearing black. A short white woman holds a violin.They are flanked by a piano and drum kit. White roses are scattered on the stage in front of then, and a small speaker faces them on the ground.


Artist Development
We run regular artist development and commissioning programmes championing LGBTQIA+ performance makers working across disciplines to create dynamic new work, in whatever form that takes whether that be theatre, cabaret, dance, film, sound, or live art. 

Performance Platforms
We host digital screenings, events and performances at venues and festivals across London and beyond, working with partners including Sink The Pink, Fringe! Queer Arts & Film Fest, London Philharmonia, The Glory, The Yard Theatre and many more!

Sector Support
We manage the Queer Arts Consortium, a model of shared organisational development. We also host Queer Clash Diary. An annual get together for queer-led organisations, artists, producers & community groups to share projects, plans and ideas that shape the future of London's thriving queer scene.


A queer performer looks as they hold out their right hand with a blue glove on it, wearing a velvet shirt and pants with a red necktie.
Two figures are lit with white light in the centre of a black background. One is a black, the other white. They are speaking into microphones on stands. They have matching makeup, red eyebrows and white semi-circles under their eyes. They are wearing loose light blue shirts with collars popped up and ties around their necks, they are also draped in pieces of yellow material.
Two white people embrace in a pose for the camera. One has closely shaven hair and is wearing all back, they grip onto the back of the other person who has their arms outstretched and is wearing a bright pink jumpsuit and multicoloured jacket. Both are smiling for the camera. The backdrop is that of a festival in the summertime.


Raze Collective projects are managed by our team of highly experienced industry leading professionals, working within the queer community to support queer artists.

Cassie Leon:
Creative Producer, & producer with The Cocoa Butter Club.

Lucy Hayhoe:
Executive Director & Live artist.

Fraser Buchanan:
Producer, Communications Manager & Dance artist.

Seyi Osibamowo:
Assistant Producer


 BOARD of trustees 

The work of Raze is determined and directed by our Board:


Tam Vibert (Chair):

Experienced venue manager, queer nightlife veteran, now of the Outside Project & The Chateau.

Tim Other (Treasurer):

Founder, administrator, back-seat driver


Beck Tadman:
Producer with an academic interest in queer performance​

Steve Hignell:
An expert in cultural strategy, policy & impact analysis

Krishna Istha:
Performer, live artist & theatre maker

Tracy Gentles:
Creative Director at Something Thing to Aim For

Florent Trioux:
Producer at Sadler's Wells

We are always looking for new members to join the board so please get in touch. 


Funders and sponsors

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