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 Queer Clash Diary / The Yard Theatre 2021 

Bringing together promoters, producers, venues, performers, artists and collectives from across London’s queer performance scene, Queer Clash Diary is an opportunity to meet your peers, share projects, make plans for the future and play! As we emerge from Covid restrictions it feels vital to give queer creatives and organisers an opportunity to come together, commiserate on the last 18 months but also to celebrate the successes and ask; Where are we now?

Queer Clash Diary aims to strengthen links with the queer arts scene, developing new partnerships and ways of working that will help to shape the future of London’s queer arts scene. Held at the Yard theatre, this was a jam packed day featuring talks, presentations, sharing of digital works and an interactive networking area alongside a showcase of newly commissioned performances from some of the most exciting emerging performers London has to offer! There was also the Queer Clash Diary open mic session, an opportunity for anyone to take the mic for 3 minutes to talk to the room about what they can offer and what they are looking for. 

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