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Raze Collective are looking for new Trustees!

This is fantastic opportunity for enthusiastic and experienced individuals to join our board of Trustees.

CLICK HERE for a text-to-speech version of this Job Description.

 About the role 

We are looking for new Trustee’s to join our board and work with us to strengthen queer culture in the UK and support Raze Collective’s growth. 

As a Trustee of the Raze Collective, you will play a crucial role in guiding the organisation's strategic direction and ensuring its financial sustainability. The Charity Commission defines a trustee as "someone who is responsible for overseeing the management and administration of a charity" and the role is a voluntary position. In practice, this means that as a trustee, you will work with other board members to:

  • Set the charity's goals and objectives and monitor its progress towards achieving them

  • Ensure that the charity's activities are in line with its purpose & values and comply with legal & regulatory requirements

  • Develop and implement effective governance policies and procedures, such as risk management and safeguarding policies

  • Discuss staff well-being, artistic direction, access & diversity priorities

  • Manage the charity's finances and resources, ensuring that they are used efficiently and effectively to achieve the charity's goals

  • Represent the charity to external stakeholders, such as funders, partners, and the wider public. 



We are specifically looking for individuals with experience in: 

  • Fundraising from Trusts & Foundations & diversifying income streams. 

  • Comms & Marketing

  • Representatives from the creative community who are familiar with Raze’s work and the LGBTQIA+ cultural sector in London/UK

This list is not definitive, we are also open & excited to hear from passionate individuals with a range of experience, knowledge & interests.

The roles are unpaid voluntary positions, as is required by Charities in England & Wales. 

For more information please read the full job description, available here.

 To apply 

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee of Raze Collective, please email a CV and short cover letter (this can be a video) to our Treasurer Tim Other; 

We welcome applications from individuals of all backgrounds and identities and are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive board of trustees.


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