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Orion Isaacs

Your Rings On Me

'Your Rings On Me' is inspired by my Grandmother's rings, which I came into holding after her passing in 2021. From this root, I've developed a performance that connects to a broader conversation with my Jewish ancestry and female lineage. Jewellery has a powerful significance for diasporic families, especially for women, as a means of transporting life savings. By passing these wears down to future generations these stories can be remembered.


My Grandmother never knew my chosen name, though she once said on a Zoom call, "hi beautiful girl - or are you a beautiful boy?" Through all my changes, she delighted in me wearing her rings. In this performance I wear them alongside a yarmulke and necklace made by Dill Schechner Katz.

Orion Isaacs is a writer-director and interdisciplinary artist, working across performance & visual art, filmmaking, music and immersive installation. They gravitate towards stories of miraculous resistance, frequently Jewish and queer/trans lives – past, present, future.


Soundscape by Giora.

Instagram: orionisaacs_


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