Calling all London queer nightlife creatives! 

Sign up for a focus group and earn £50! Nice.

Take the survey and you could win £50! Yay!


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The London Queer Nightlife Research Study is investigating the impact of COVID-19 on London’s queer communities and queer nightlife, focusing on the experiences of queer creative practitioners. 

By queer creative practitioners we mean you! All types of performers, artists, dancers, drag kings & queens & things, promoters, technicians, Dj’s, voguers and all those in-between!

With reports of 85% of workers considering leaving the nightlife sector, and a collapse in jobs and working hours over the past year, there is no doubt COVID-19 has been hugely impactful. However, the impact on the queer community has not been considered, including how intersecting factors such as ethnicity, class, disability and age result in disproportionate impact. 

This study wants to explore the impact on queer creative practitioners to improve our understanding of this issue and make policy and practice recommendations. This is our chance to BUILD BACK QUEERER!

How can I take part?


1. Complete the survey 

It should take no more than 10 minutes to fill in and can be completed anonymously.  There are no right or wrong answers, the researchers are just keen to understand your experiences. 


In addition, survey participants can be added to a prize draw to win a cash tip of £50! Yay!


If you would like to participate but require the survey materials in an alternative format please contact:

2. Sign up for a Focus Group 

Focus Group sign ups are now open, check out the list of dates by clicking the button below. Focus groups will be conducted online and you will be paid £50 for your time.

Why should I participate?


This study is about our community and for our community. The aim of the study is to help influence policies that could effect change for queer nightlife practicioners. It will be delivered to key policy makers and stakeholders including the GLA and Arts Council England, with the aim of contributing recommendations about how our community is best supported as we emerge from Covid-19 restrictions.


It is so important that your voices are heard and that we hear from as many of you as possible. We know that this year has been extremely hard for everyone in our industry in terms of lost income, mental health and access to queer spaces and services. To learn from the past year we need to understand what has happened, and so we need your help!


Who will I be speaking to?


The researchers conducting the study are Mark McCormack & Fiona Measham. QUAC's involvement is to manage community engagement.


Mark McCormack is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Roehampton. He studies social change related to gender and sexuality, and the impact this has on identities and communities. His recent research has investigated the impact of COVID-19 on people’s sexual desires and behaviours, how mainstreaming of drag is experienced by British performers, and sexualized drug use among English festival-goers.  


Professor Fiona Measham was appointed Chair in Criminology at the University of Liverpool in 2019. Fiona has conducted research for three decades exploring changing trends in drugs, drug policy, nightlife and the socio-cultural contexts to consumption, often through the lens of gender. Her recent research focuses on transgressive leisure, atypical intoxication and risk reduction. Fiona has been a policy advisor to UK government since 2008 and sits on several advisory boards including Drug Science and the Night Time Industry Association. Fiona is Director of the Loop, a non profit harm reduction NGO providing drug checking and associated healthcare services in nightlife settings.


How did the study come about?


The study was commissioned by the Queer Arts Consortium, funded by Arts Council England, using money from Grant in Aid.


The Queer Arts Consortium (QUAC) is a collaboration between Raze Collective, And What? Queer Arts Festival, Fringe! Queer Arts & Film Festival and The Cocoa Butter Club.

For more information about the application and selection process for this commission CLICK HERE.



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