Past Projects

Check out some of our past projects.

We are so lucky to have worked with so many incredible performers and artists over the years. Find out more by checking out our galleries.

A white person who appears to be male stands in the corner grey room, one wall is made of exposed grey breezeblocks. The person is lit and addressing an audience seated in front of them on chairs. They wear a 1950s style red a-line dress with white spots, black tights and balck high heeled shoes. They have long brown hair and femine makeup. Their arms are raised in an emphatic gesture.

Queer Clash Diary / Hackney Showrooms 2018


Hosted by The Raze Collective and And What? Queer Arts Festival, Queer Clash Diary aims to strengthen links within the queer arts scene, developing new partnerships and ways of working.

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A person wearing a tight red, shiny, long sleeved top and a red feathery hat stands gazing into middle distance holding a Red Bull paper cup. Their face is made up with striking makeup, red lips, blush, blue eyeshadow and thick black eyebrows. The background is that of an outdoor festival, in the sunshine.

Sink the Pink Street Party 2018


Raze Collective Cabaret stage at The Sink The Pink Street Party.

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Saddie Sinner, a black woman, stands in front of a pink and purple patterned background. She is holding a microphone and smiling warmly. She is wearing a sparkly fitted halter neck blue dress. Her braided hair is worn up, with a few long braids loose on each side.

Raze Weekender / Southbank 2018


A three-day programme on the Southbank Centre’s Summertime Stage. Championing queer performers and the work they create with an inclusive and energetic programme.

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Ophelia, a drag queen sings into a microphone. She wears a snake skin effect shirt, tied at the waist and snakeskin trousers with a yellow belt. She has long, blond-white hair. She stands on stage, with green light behind her.

Razed & Confused / Redon 2019


Razed & Confused took over the stage at Redon with an evening of electrifying performances.

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A black image with two very blurred figures. They appear to be dancing frantically. They appear as two blurs of yellow, light blue and white. The figure on the right is bent over, their bare legs are visible. The figure on the left is stood up straight, also bare legged with one knee raised.

Raze Up Tour 2019


Raze Collective commissioned four exciting queer performers from around the country to create anything from high-brow performance art to a bloody good night out.

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A black person holds an acoustic guitar and plays whilst singing into a microphone on a stand. Their long black braids are pulled into a large loose bun, their eyes are closed in concentration. They are wearing a light green jumper. There is a keyboard in the background.

Raze Live / Matchstick Piehouse 2019


Raze worked with Matchstick Piehouse to present an incredible night of live music by some of London's most talented LGBTQI+ musicians.

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Le Fil, an asian performer stands confidently on centre stage, with legs apart and arms raised, singing into a microphone, their head turned to the left. They are wearing a black bodysuit with a loose fitting white floaty gown with a train, which they hold up in their right hand. In the background are two white, male dancers wearing white vests, shorts, trainers and socks.

Raze on the River / Southbank 2019


Raze Collective took to the stage at the Queen Elizabeth Hall day and night to bring you the very best in new queer music!

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In the foreground is a woman seated at a grand piano, singing into a microphone whilst playing. She has a huge dark brown beehive hairstyle and wears a very glittery blue and purple long sleeved dress. In the background another performer in a similar outfit rests on the piano. On the left two musicians dressed in black are paused, watching the pianist.

Raze Philharmonia Cabaret / Southbank Centre 2019


Raze Collective and Philharmonia Orchestra present a queer extravaganza of contemporary cabaret.

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A black and white image of Le Fil an asian performer signing into a microphone on a stand. The person is sideways on to the camera. They have long dark hair and are wearing a white sleeveless top. In the background is the bannister of a staircase, cutting diagonally through the background. The wall behind is tiled.

Raze Live / Matchstick Piehouse 2020


Raze returned Matchstick Piehouse to present another showcase of incredible live music.

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