Organisational opportunity

The Queer Arts Consortium is looking for a new member!

Are you a queer led arts organisation committed to building a sustainable queer arts sector in the UK?

Are you ready to take your organisation to the next level?

Are you open to collaborative working practices?

Join us!

The Queer Arts Consortium (QUAC) is a collaboration between  Raze Collective, Fringe! Queer Arts & Film Festival and The Cocoa Butter Club. QUAC has been awarded funding through the Elevate programme from Arts Council England, to establish a partnership model of collaboration and shared services.


QUAC is an innovative model of collaborative working that seeks to preserve, develop and embolden its partner organisations. In turn participating in the continuing establishment of a thriving Queer Arts sector in the UK, that builds essential community, careers and culture. 


QUAC is designed to respond to the needs of the partner orgnisations and the wider Queer (LGBTQIA+) sector. It is a framework of shared services that the partner organisations have designed, will contribute to and benefit from. It’s mission is to underpin longer-term financial sustainability, capacity and resilience of the partner organisations. 


QUAC are looking for a fourth partnership organisation to join the consortium for its remaining period of Elevate funding, ending March 2023.


We are looking for another small queer / LGBTQIA+ arts organisation that could benefit from the organisational development offered through the Elevate grant in order to make your organisation more sustainable. In addition to the access to training, resources, shared office space and expertise we are looking for an organisation that is keen to collaborate with the other QUAC partners, working together to enrich the queer arts sector in the UK. We prioritise collaboration and knowledge sharing which will in turn increase the resilience and capacity of each organisation allowing for better fundraising, advocacy, audience development, training and visibility.


Is your organisation ready to take the next step?

Please read our Joining QUAC Briefing Document  fully before making your application,
Link here.

Applications are made via the link. Please note the recruitment schedule below. If your application is longlisted we will ask you to submit a simple business plan and budget covering the current and/or next year.


Key dates:

Recruitment Schedule:


  • July 2nd - Applications open

  • July 16th - Application close

  • July 23rd - Longlist decided & business plans requested*

  • July 30th - Deadline for business plans

  • Aug 6th - Shortlist decided

  • w/c Aug 9th - Interviews


*Please note if your application is longslited we will ask you to submit a simple Business plan and budget covering the current and/or next year.

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