London Queer Nightlife research project: 
Focus Groups 

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Sign up for a paid a Focus Group

Focus groups will take place on zoom and you will be paid £50.


These sessions are aimed at queer creatives working in London's Nightlife scene. Focus Groups will be led by the researchers Mark McCormack and Fiona Measham alongside a team of brilliant focus group hosts working across London's Queer Nightlife sector, Zaki Musa, Aisha Shaibu, Krishna Istha and Tara Brown. 


You can sign up (via Outsavvy) for the group you’d like to join by clicking on the dates below.



Monday 9th August 7pm - with Zaki Musa -FULLY BOOKED
Tuesday 10th August 2pm - FULLY BOOKED
Tuesday 10th August 8pm  - BSL signed focus group - FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 11th August 2pm - with Aisha Shaibu  - FULLY BOOKED

This focus group will prioritise the experiences of QTIBPOC. Allies please be mindful of the limited capacity of this focus group, and consider booking an alternative.

Wednesday 11th August 7pm - FULLY BOOKED
Wednesday 11th August 8pm - with Tara Brown - FULLY BOOKED
This focus group will prioritise the experiences of disabled queer creatives. Allies please be mindful of the limited capacity of this focus group, and consider booking an alternative.

Thursday 12th August 8pm - with Krishna Istha - FULLY BOOKED

This focus group will prioritise the experiences of trans, non-binary and gender nonconforming people. Allies please be mindful of the limited capacity of this focus group, and consider booking an alternative

Saturday 14th August 2pm - FULLY BOOKED

Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. In the event that your first choice is no longer available we may offer you an alternative group. Where no host is listed the group will be led by the research team, Mark & Fiona.

Here's a little more info on our fabulous team of focus group hosts and researchers.

Zaki Musa


Zaki is a multi-disciplinary circus artist, aerialist and pole dancer actively performing in London’s queer cabaret scene. Whilst spinning in the air and balancing on chairs, he also aims to explore themes surrounding masculinity and identity in his performances and practice.

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Aisha Shaibu


Aisha Shaibu is an LGBTQ+ activist and founder of Moonlight Experiences, whose award-winning company is dedicated to uplifting queer women, QTIPOC folx, and marginalized voices through nightlife and tourism. Moonlight Experiences aims to create intersectional experiences that challenge the traditional lack of diversity in these spaces. In addition to Moonlight Experiences, Aisha is an architect of diverse parties, festivals, and events collaborating with brands, institutions, and communities on events designed within an intersectional framework. Aisha’s activism extends to the work she does as Head of Community Engagement for UK Black Pride and as Board of Trustees member for GiveOut.

Krishna Istha


Krishna Istha is a queer/trans screenwriter, comedian and performance artist making socially conscious form-pushing work that speaks to taboo or underrepresented experiences of gender, race and sexual politics.

Since 2013, Krishna has performed, written, devised and collaborated with artists and theatre companies on works that span across theatre, opera, comedy and performance art. Most recently, they’ve co-directed Jazz and Dice by Naked Productions for BBC Radio 4, is an Arts Admin Bursary Artist 20/21, and is currently writing on a Netflix comedy-drama.

Tara Brown


Tara Brown is a Black Queer Disabled Fat Femme film curator (they/them). Tara's main goal with curating is to make cinema as accessible, diverse and brilliant as possible! They were Assistant Curator for BFI Flare 2020 & 2021 as well as currently a programmer for Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest.

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Fiona Measham


Professor Fiona Measham is Chair in Criminology at the University of Liverpool. Fiona has conducted research for three decades exploring nightlife, club cultures, drugs and drug policy, often through the lens of gender. Her recent research focuses on transgressive leisure, atypical intoxication and risk reduction. Fiona has been a policy advisor to UK government since 2008 and sits on several expert panels and advisory boards including Drug Science and the Night Time Industry Association. Fiona is also founding Director of the Loop, a non profit harm reduction NGO providing drug checking and associated healthcare services in nightlife settings.

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Mark McCormack

Mark McCormack is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Roehampton. He studies social change related to gender and sexuality, and the impact this has on identities and communities. His recent research has investigated the impact of COVID-19 on people’s sexual desires and behaviours, how mainstreaming of drag is experienced by British performers, and sexualized drug use among English festival-goers.